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Hi, my name is David and my wife’s name is Elaine. We live in a 55+ community in Ocala, Florida, Rolling Greens Golf Course Community. Let me tell you a little bit about us. We grew up as neighbors, both got married, and went our separate ways. Elaine moved to FL and I stayed in NY and raised my family. Thirty years later we both found ourselves divorced and reconnected through a mutual friend of ours. We went to Red Lobster on our first date and have been together ever since. We each have 3 children, so together we have 3 girls and 3boys, and 8 grandchildren. What a blessing that we are together and enjoying our life here in Rolling Greens Florida! We have both never been happier.

I grew up on a dairy farm in Western NY State and Elaine lived next door. We rode the same school bus, swam together in the neighborhood swimming hole, and our parents have been friends all our lives. In fact, my Grandfather Leon sold Elaine’s father their home on a land contract. That is what my grandfather did all of his life.

Let me tell you about my Grandfather Leon. He had sold several farms on land contracts just prior to the depression, when times got tough instead of repossessing the farms like others were doing he told them to keep farming, don’t make any payments until things get better. So while the farms that were repossessed by other people were run down and vacant, my Grandfather’s were all up and running and they started making their payments again and they all loved my Grandfather for helping them out when times were tough.

My life was influenced by what my Grandfather taught me about the hand shake. He bought and sold cattle, well he bought a barn full of cattle and shook the farmers hand and told him, “I will be back and pay you tomorrow.” That night lightening hit the barn and killed all the cows. The next morning my Grandfather was in the milk house counting out $100 bills on the cooler when the farmer came in and asked him what he was doing? My Grandfather said he was paying him for the cows and the farmer said but the cows are all dead and my Grandfather said yes, but yesterday when I bought them they were alive and when I shook your hand they became my cows at that point. So he paid for the cows, had someone come in and remove them out from the barn, and dig a hole to bury them. So to my Grandfather a hand shake was his word. I have always tried to model my life after him.

 Now with those principles in my life that my Grandfather instilled in me , I have a thriving business and Love the path my life has taken me. I hope to be doing business with you soon and look forward to providing you with one on one Excellent Service.  I’m the owner but I also sell and deliver the carts so that way I’m involved from beginning to end to make sure you are completely satisfied.  Have a Great Day